Under Desk Cycling Bike Review (Yosuda)

Exercising and staying active are key components to helping us to live a long healthy life. 

But many of us are busy with all of the different responsibilities that life throws our way, and getting in that exercise and activity can be challenging and often pushed to the side. 

This is where the Under Desk…

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Affordable Olympic Barbell (Flybird Fitness)

It’s given me that commercial gym feel in the convenience and comfort of my own garage gym. 

It’s held up to the elements thus far from being kept in a cold garage and only has minor scuffing on the shaft around the area where it sits in the cups of the barbell stand on my…

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Affordable Olympic Weight Bench (Flybird Fitness)

I train in a garage gym, and I really like that this doesn’t take up a huge amount of space, and is also very easy to move around as long as there aren’t any plates stacked anywhere on it.

I have only owned and used this weight bench for a few months at the…

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