5 Great Tips For Workout Motivation

It’s been said that you shouldn’t rely on motivation, but rather discipline, because motivation is fleeting, and being disciplined will keep you on top of your game even when motivation is lacking. 

I agree with this statement, and often times you will find that starting doesn’t come from motivation, but rather motivation comes after you…

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How Much Does A Barbell Weigh? (And Types of Barbells)

“How much does a barbell weigh?” To those of us who are into lifting, the answer to this question might seem like common knowledge. But to those out there who are brand new to this gym life, this is something that they may not know or have taken into consideration when figuring out how much…

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Can Working Out At Home Be Effective?

The idea of working out at home can be a very enticing one. Not having to travel to and from, no crowds, and having your own space can be enough to make you want to cancel your gym membership and start working out in your garage, basement, or even right there in your living room.…

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7 Fun Ways To Exercise (Without Even Knowing It)

I think many of us at some level know that working out and exercising is something that should be incorporated into our lifestyles. But I also think that there are many people out there who don’t know where to start, see exercising as something too large to get into at the current point in their…

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Affordable Olympic Barbell (Flybird Fitness)

It’s given me that commercial gym feel in the convenience and comfort of my own garage gym. 

It’s held up to the elements thus far from being kept in a cold garage and only has minor scuffing on the shaft around the area where it sits in the cups of the barbell stand on my…

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5 Lessons I Would Tell My Younger Self As A Lifter

This is a big one and one that took me a long while to get over. 

When I first began to take lifting seriously and seek out information online, intermittent fasting, lean gaining and body recomp were all the rage.

This sounded perfect to me.

Gain super slowly, all muscle, and just the tiniest amount…

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Affordable Olympic Weight Bench (Flybird Fitness)

I train in a garage gym, and I really like that this doesn’t take up a huge amount of space, and is also very easy to move around as long as there aren’t any plates stacked anywhere on it.

I have only owned and used this weight bench for a few months at the…

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What Is Calisthenics? (And Does It Build Muscle?)

There are many different methods and training styles out there that can help us get fit and build our bodies.  Some people may gravitate towards powerlifting and some towards a more bodybuilder training style. Some trainees prefer that most of their training be made up of cardio and endurance training, whether running, cycling or swimming. …

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How To Build A Bigger Chest (6 Of The Best Exercises)

The chest is one of the most common areas of the body that come to mind when we think about lifting weights and growing bigger muscles.  I would venture to say that, aside from maybe the biceps curl, a pushing movement such as a pushup or bench press is the first type of exercise we…

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Do Pull-Ups Work Rear Delts? (And 3 Rear Delt Exercises)

The pull-up (Or lat pulldown) is a very popular exercise. It is a compound movement that effectively works many different muscles.  A few of those muscles are: But the question is, do pull-ups work the rear delts, and should we them as a primary movement for the specific purpose of targeting those muscles? The rear…

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Should You Do Leg Extensions and Leg Curls?

Are you in the middle of putting together a program for yourself? Have you already built a program you love, but are looking to add something to build those legs? Leg Extensions (or knee extensions, as they are sometimes called) and Leg Curls are two common movements that can add great benefit to your training. …

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